The Brain Is Never Sleeping, Even During Its Quiet States

-Patrick Kurp, Oct 2023

Rice neuroengineer Valentin Dragoi looks at how fluctuations in brain activity influence human visual perception.

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Tiny, Flexible Spinal Probe System Could Lead to Better Therapies

-Silvia Cernea Clark , Aug 2023

The spinal cord is harder to access and study than even the brain. The challenges posed by its mobility and anatomical structure have made understanding exactly how it functions difficult.

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NIH Grant Promises New Frontiers in Neural Regeneration

-Todd Ackerman, Sept 2022

The T32 grant should usher in a new wave of research exploring the little-studied connection between the brain and other bodily systems.

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Restoring Hand Function in People With Total Spinal Cord Injury

-Vandana Suresh, PhD, Sept 2022

A clinical study underway at Houston Methodist indicates that a nerve transfer surgery will allow spinal cord injury patients to move their hands 50% of the time.

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Deepening Insights into Human Brain Disease with NBRX

-Vandana Suresh, PhD, Aug 2022

Houston Methodist’s neural biorepository provides neurosurgery patient-derived brain tissue samples to spearhead both translational and basic neuroscience research.

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Houston Methodist and Rice Launch Neuroprosthetics Collaboration

- Patti Muck, April 2021

New center to focus on restoring brain function after disease or injury.

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