Center for Neural Systems Restoration

A multi-disciplinary center dedicated to discovering how the human
brain processes perception, cognition and behavior, and to
finding novel solutions for brain and spinal cord diseases and injuries.

“This is an accelerator for discovery”

Houston Methodist and Rice University established the joint Center for Neural Systems Restoration to serve as an innovation hub dedicated to advancing the frontiers of translational neuroscience, to understanding the function of the human brain, and to developing next-generation technologies, neural prosthetics and rehabilitation regimens for the treatment of neurological conditions.

Housed in the heart of Houston Methodist, this joint collaborative space and environment nurtures functional interactions between engineers and researchers at Rice and neurosurgeons, neuroscientists, and regeneration biologists at Houston Methodist, ideally positioning them to design and test novel prosthetics, interventions and diagnostics on patients.

Research Areas

Research at the Center for Neural Systems Restoration unites physicians, engineers, neuroscientists and trainees to advance the understanding of brain mechanisms and improve the lives of those with neurological disorders.

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Educational Opportunities

Rice students and Houston Methodist trainees make meaningful advances in diagnosing, preventing, and treating neurological and spinal injuries and diseases.

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